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Solomon Islands: Ha'a Alahanga Ni Ulawa (1-Year Access)

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The ceremonial swearing in of two boy chiefs on the island of Ulawa in the Solomon Islands is a very special occasion and cause for great celebration. All the chiefs from nearby islands arrive by canoe to the sound of the conch shell blowing. Men dressed as warriors and carrying spears run through the village confronting each other in highly ritualised dances and challenges. The Christians carry out their solemn rites and blessings. There are speeches by the elders and then everyone sits down to the great feast of pigs, yams and taro. After the feasting there is singing and dancing, including the ancient Mighty Spirit dance, which is performed by the men.

(1980, 21 mins)  A Film Australia Production. Produced for Solomon Islands with Australian Development Assistance Bureau.

© National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

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