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Staging Post, The

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The Staging Post follows two Afghan Hazara refugees, Muzafar and Khadim. Stuck in Indonesia after Australia 'stopped the boats' and facing many years in limbo, they built a community and started the school which inspired a refugee education revolution. A real-life, real-time, multi-platform documentary, The Staging Post is about friendship, connection and the power of community.

'A truly moving piece of cinema.' – Nick Valentine

'Uplifting and truly unforgettable.' – Philippa Byers

'Full of wisdom and humour.' – Eileen O'Brien, Canberra

'Inspiring and moving. A must see for every Australian.' – Kathy King

'A truly remarkable story.' – Margaret Hayman

'Lifts the spirit; Packed with positivity, potential, possibility, patience, hope, community, cooperation, love and friendship.' – Anne Hilton

'Inspirational. A reminder of what is possible when people work together to turn away from fear towards hope.' – Anni Webster

'Touching the nerve of human experience. A must see!' – Marion Rose Le

'Your work is beautiful and shows exactly the kind of message we would like people to hear, refugees as resilient, contributing members of society.' – Susan Bird, UNHCR Thailand

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