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Last of the Knucklemen, The

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The outback fight-fest that defined an era of red-blooded, hot-tempered Aussie gladiators ...

AFI Award–winning filmmaker Tim Burstall captured Australia's attention with the loveable exploits of Stork and Alvin Purple, then knocked them off their feet with this searing portrait of disgruntled miners on the war-path in seminal 1970s macho classic The Last of the Knucklemen.

Mining site foreman 'Tarzan' (Gerard Kennedy) is charged with the unenviable task of keeping his disparate crew of hard-drinking, foul-mouthed larrikins on the job and out of trouble. But clocked off the job, when boredom inevitably sets in, when sundry trips to the local pub and brothel will no longer suffice, the going gets tough and soon the tough get busy swinging fists and spitting teeth.

Enter loudmouth 'Pansy' (Mike Preston), a blustering bully of a miner who rubs everyone up the wrong way and thinks he can get away with it ... but not if broad-shouldered boss 'Tarzan' has anything to say about it!

Produced by the late, great Byron Kennedy and also featuring fresh-faced character stalwarts Steve Bisley and Michael Caton, The Last of the Knucklemen is a down-and-dirty, bone-crunching, bare-knuckle fight to the finish!

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