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Mortified - Volumes 1 & 2

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On the brink of adolescence, a girl's got a lot to deal with: a changing body, a flood of hormones, relentless judgement by her peers, even perhaps the stirrings of a first, unrequited crush. In Mortified, Taylor Fry is confronted by the lot.

Although she's a lively, smart-lipped kid with plenty of courage and attitude, the truth is she feels as if she doesn't belong (and with a father known locally as 'The Underpant King', who could blame her?). Eventually, Taylor must confront the truth – she is who she is. Despite frequent flights of fantasy where animals suddenly talk and Egyptian mummies come to life, each episode is firmly anchored in reality. Its core is truthful – and also very funny.

Mortified is a young girl's journey towards self-acceptance.

This DVD also includes a password to the Mortified for Teachers free online teaching resource. This resource would be most suitable for use in Years 5–9 in the curriculum areas of Arts (Media), English and Humanities.

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