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Double Trouble

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Double Trouble is a light-hearted comedy drama about twins who were separated at birth, yet one day find themselves face to face. The story is about how the twins' chance meeting changes many people's lives.

Kyanna lives in a central Australian desert community with her Indigenous mother and extended family. Yuma has been brought up in the city with her well-off white father, stepmother and stepbrother. When the twins accidentally meet in Alice Springs, they not only find they have another half – they find they have another parent they didn't know about. And that's when the fun really starts…

On impulse, the twins decide to swap places for a night. But things go wrong. Yuma finds herself marooned in an Aboriginal community, surrounded by strangers with none of the luxuries to which she is accustomed. Kyanna is taken to the city, a frightening and alienating place, with none of the family and social support she's used to.

While with their 'new' families, the twins have all kinds of adventures. Yuma learns about her mother's life – going bush, eating bush tucker, doing dot painting, playing football and swimming in the waterhole. She also comes into strife when she seeks some privacy to practice dance moves – getting lost in the wide open spaces of the desert landscape and encountering wildlife close up.

Double Trouble contains a DVD of the thirteen-episode TV series.

This resource would be most suitable for use in Years 5–9 in the curriculum areas of Arts (Dance, Drama, Media), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, English, Ethical Understanding and Humanities and Social Sciences.

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