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Language of Belonging: Wadu Matyidi (DVD and DVD-ROM)

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Language of Belonging is a multi-platform education resource based on the groundbreaking Indigenous short animation Wadu Matyidi and the five accompanying behind-the-scenes mini-documentaries.

Designed specifically for primary-aged students, this diverse learning program gives students the opportunity to explore the Adnyamathanha language, culture, stories and traditions, and develop their own portfolio.

Wadu Matyidi tells, in language, the story of three adventurous kids who set out for a day of exploration, playing games and spooking one another with tales of ancient creatures, until they see unusual tracks that get their hearts and imaginations racing. Then, unexpectedly they make a discovery that changes their lives forever. Could it be the Yamuti?

The Language of Belonging DVD-ROM packages all of the videos with five comprehensive units of work; My Mob, My Country, My Story, My Heritage, and My Project. In addition, it provides students and teachers with access to a secure website featuring all learning materials PLUS the bonus interactive language game Speaking Deadly, in which students can explore and learn about Adnyamathanha language and culture.

All teaching and learning materials contained in Language of Belonging are aligned with the Australian Curriculum areas of English, The Arts and Languages, with a Cross-Curriculum Priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

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