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Hamlet (Teacher Pack)

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Inspire your students with one of the bard's greatest works, Hamlet, using this quality pack of innovative resources, specifically tailored for high-engagement examination preparation.

The best part (in addition to the hours of preparation time you'll save) is that these resources are ready for immediate download and use.

The pack includes:

  1. Teacher/Student Resources (32 JPG/PDF/DOCX files)
    • Pre-reading journal activity
    • Act-by-act summary templates (including Act 1 cloze activity)
    • Literary device matching activity (including teacher answer guide)
    • Theme- and character-based worksheets
    • Posters/desktop wallpapers
    • Essential quotations by theme discussion starters
    • Quote analysis organisers
    • Essay plan template (and bonus complete essay plan to support Teaching PowerPoint 2)
    • Bonus: complete sample essay response (to support Teaching PowerPoint 1)
  2. Teaching PowerPoint 1 (13-slide PPTX) Hamlet: Analysing a soliloquy – 'To be or not to be…'
    • Eight-step approach to analysis of Shakespeare's work
    • Detailed analysis activities focusing on this soliloquy (matching devices, concept identification, evidence identification, sample essay question, practice body paragraph activity and whole essay extension activity)
  3. Teaching PowerPoint 2 (15-slide PPTX)Hamlet: Approaching the essay question – Analyse how Shakespeare invites readers to accept that guilt can consume an individual
    • Question types
    • Key words/phrases
    • Thesis writing
    • Key essay points – including sample points
    • Suggested approach to body paragraph writing – including complete sample body paragraph
    • Essay planning template (completed to support approach to essay question)


  • Electronic/printable PDF/JPG/DOCX/PPTX files
  • Professionally designed
  • Highly visual and engaging
  • Suited to all learners
  • Crisp, clean layouts
  • For whole class, group work and individual learning

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