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My Octopus Teacher (Teacher Pack)

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'What she taught me is to feel that you are part of this place. Not a visitor. And that's a huge difference.' – Craig Foster (My Octopus Teacher, 2020)


This unique documentary film captures the touching and beautiful story of a year Foster spent with a wild common octopus in the Great African Sea Forest and its life-changing effects.

This comprehensive Teacher Pack – My Octopus Teacher equips educators with all that's needed to deliver high-quality learning experiences which unpack the key messages of this profound film, with outcomes focused on students creating a narrative story drawn from lessons taught by the extraordinary subject of the film.

The film runs for 85 mins and has an official rating of G.

Contents (4 digital/editable/printable files ready for immediate download and use):

1. Teacher Guide (18 page .pdf)

  • Unit overview
  • Inquiry Questions
  • Suggested Lesson Outline
  • Teacher Answer Guide to Student Booklet
  • Assessment Option 1 – English – Narrative
  • Assessment Option 2 – Media – Short Narrative Film
  • Extension activities (Science/Values)
  • Additional resources/links

2. Student Booklet (16 page .pdf/.doc formats)

  • Pre-viewing activities
  • During viewing activities
  • Post-viewing activities
  • Assessment Option 1 – English – Narrative (including Narrative Devices table and templates for Narrative Plan, Narrative Structure and Writing Checklist)
  • Assessment Option 2 – Media – Short Narrative Film (including Storyboarding template with codes and conventions)
  • Extension activities (Science/Values)
  • Additional resources/links

3. Teaching PowerPoint (20 slide .pptx)

  • What is a documentary?
  • Pre-viewing, Viewing and Post-viewing resources (including links)
  • Assessment Preparation – Storytelling/Narrative Writing – cognitive verb ‘create’, narrative structure, features and the writing process
  • Take Further Action

Unit Duration: 12+ lessons (including assessment)

Curriculum Links:
The Teacher Pack can be linked to the following areas with the Australian National Curriculum:

  • English
  • Media Studies
  • Science (Environmental Science)
  • Values Education

In addition, the Teacher Pack relates directly to the cross-curriculum priority of Sustainability and to the following General Capabilities within the Australian National Curriculum:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Personal and Social Capability
  • Ethical Understanding
  • Literacy

The Teacher Pack is also suggested for use as a supplementary text for the following senior (Years 11-12) subject areas:

  • English
  • Film, Television and New Media

Please note:
This comprehensive pack has been designed for educators to use with the 2020 Netflix documentary, My Octopus Teacher, directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed. Access to view the film itself requires a Netflix account – This is not included in the resource pack.


  • Individual: $39
  • Lifetime – for all teachers and students of the school: $179 (schools with more than one campus are required to purchase one pack per campus)

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