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  • La Pivellina
  • La Pivellina

La Pivellina

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    Patti wanders a desolate park, worriedly yelling for Hercules, her dog. Instead, she finds an abandoned two-year-old girl called Asia. When Patti finds a desperate note from the girl's mother, she takes the child home to her cramped but cosy caravan. While Patti believes that Asia's mother will return for her soon, her partner Walter is concerned about their taking on this new responsibility.

    As circus folk eking out an existence on the fringes of society, Walter is worried that they will be accused of kidnapping. He wants to notify the police but Patti is reluctant. She scours the newspapers for word on the absent mother and devotes herself to caring for Asia. Patti briefly looks into adopting Asia but her plan is foiled because, according to Italian law, she and Walter are too old.

    Despite their unsettled existence, the circus folk form an unconventional but loving family. Patti buys new clothes for Asia and takes her on outings. Tairo, a teenage boy who lives with his uncle and grandmother on the caravan site, helps Patti search for Asia's mother and cares for Asia as if she was his younger sister.

    When Asia's mother sends a letter indicating her return, Asia doesn't want to leave and the others are reluctant to say goodbye. A farewell party is held in Asia's honour and everyone attends.

    Teachers may find the film relevant to units of work for middle secondary students in the following VELS domains:

    • English
    • The Humanities
    • Italian
    • Physical, Personal and Social Learning.

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