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Flyways (ATOM Study Guide)

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Flyways is a global story exploring the extraordinary journey of migratory shorebirds. There are few creatures on earth more inspiring and symbolic than birds. Each year, millions of shorebirds follow ancient flyways, moving from the southern hemisphere up north and back again. Like a rising and falling breath, the earth supports this mass movement of life. Yet shorebirds remain an untold story. How do the birds navigate such distances? How are they able to stay aloft for days without stopping to refuel?

Seeking to answer these questions, Flyways reveals the beauty and wonder of migratory shorebirds. From their summer feeding grounds the birds set off on what seems an impossible journey across unforgiving oceans and landscapes toward their northern Arctic breeding grounds. The film combines natural history, global tracking technology and the passion of scientists and the bird-loving community to better understand these epic journeys. Despite the challenges, this is a story of hope and discovery as these birds traverse oceans and continents.

Flyways follows a conservation movement of experts and citizen scientists as they mobilise to the grand challenge utilising the very latest technology and collaboration to understand, conserve, and champion the phenomenon of bird migration. The number of birds is seriously declining due to the obstacles of ever-expanding human development. Flyways offers hope for the future – for the birds and ourselves.

Curriculum Links:

Flyways is suitable for junior and middle school (Year 5 onwards) students undertaking:

• Science (Biological sciences, Science as a human endeavour)
• HASS (Geography)
• The Arts (Media Arts)
• Biology
• Geography

Further links can be made to the general capabilities of Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding and Critical and Creative Thinking , as well as the cross-curriculum priority of Sustainability.

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