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Einstein's Wife

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Einstein's Wife tells the story of Albert Einstein's first wife, Mileva Maric, based on her recently uncovered letters. Sharing a passion for Physics, she and Albert met regularly to read and discuss Physics, often working together to come to new understandings. It did not take long for friendship to evolve into romance. The volume and content of the letters the two exchanged over this period show a deep passion for each other, as well as for Physics.
As much as the letters express their fondness for each other, they also pose a controversial question: was Albert Einstein's theory of relativity wholly his own?
Mileva is revealed early on as an intelligent and creative woman who could hold her own discussing and theorizing Physics. As the documentary unfolds Mileva's involvement in Physics steadily declines, as marriage, children and eventually severe depression, command her attention.
Curriculum Links: English years 8-10

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