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Dogstar - Series 1

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On the voyage from Old Earth to New Earth a freak accident occurs. As a result, the Dogstar, a giant space ark containing all of the world's dogs, becomes lost in space.

The year is 2347 and somewhere between packing up and moving the entire population of Old Earth to New Earth, all the world's dogs go missing. Okay, so everyone was forced to move. Old Earth was smelly and disgusting after all those years of pollution.

New Earth is so fresh and clean – just right for sensitive, ecofriendly new citizens. The entire population of Old Earth, all its possessions, all its deodorants, underpants and collectibles, were packed into spaceships and shot off into space. All the animals went too. Assigned alphabetically; Aardvarks on the Aardvarkstar right down to Zebras on the Zebrastar. But somewhere along the way, the Dogstar went missing. A technical glitch – pilot error – who can say? Aboard the Dogstar is every canine family pet; every lovable terrier, every pampered lapdog, every boisterous hound, every loyal companion, and of course, Hobart.

The Clark family loves Hobart. He's a trusted, loyal buddy – a valued member of the family in every sense. The Clark kids aren't going to take the situation lying down. Even though everyone tells them it can't be done, the Clark kids set out to find the Dogstar! Borrowing Dad's spaceship, the trusty Valiant, the kids embark on a journey that will take them to the farthest reaches of the universe – and beyond. And beyond that too! They'll meet strange alien races, unusual phenomena, puzzling conundrums, perplexing paradoxes and startling challenges. And that's before they even go outside.

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