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Bluey (Teacher Pack) - Middle School Years 7-9

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This comprehensive Teacher Pack – Bluey (for Middle School Years 7–9) focuses on the multi-award-winning Australian animated film series Bluey, created by Joe Blumm and produced by Ludo Studio. The series focuses on six-year-old Bluey who is a Blue Heeler puppy and her father, Bandit, mother, Chilli, and younger sister, Bingo.

This complete teaching unit equips educators of Years 7–9 students with all that's needed to deliver high-quality learning experiences on animated film and storytelling, with outcomes focused on students creating a new Bluey episode (scriptwriting, storyboarding and spoken proposal video).

Contents (4 digital/editable/printable files ready for immediate download and use):

1. Teacher Guide (24 page .pdf)

• Unit overview
• Program access/rating
• Inquiry Questions
• Focus Episodes
• Suggested Lesson Outline
• Teacher Answer Guide to Student Booklet
• Assessment information – Episode Proposal Portfolio

2. Student Booklet (20 page - .pdf/.doc formats)

• Pre-viewing activities – an introduction to Bluey, characters and behind the scenes
• Narrative Structure
• Animation Devices
• Viewing activities – episode recording sheet and animation device templates
• Post-viewing – extended writing activity
• Assessment task: Episode Proposal Portfolio – script, storyboard and spoken proposal

– Task sheet
– Preparing for assessment: Episode Plan
– Part 1: Scriptwriting – colour-coding activity with exemplar
– Part 2: Storyboard – guidelines, sample storyboard and template
– Part 3: Spoken Proposal Video – scaffold and recording the proposal
– Assessment Submission Checklist

3. Teaching PowerPoint (24 slide .pptx)

• Animated film and the animation process
• An introduction to Bluey
• Discussion Starters – on play and dogs
• Blue Heeler Facts, Bluey Characters and key elements of Bluey
• Behind the Scenes – the making of a Bluey episode
• Narrative Structure
• Animation Devices
• Viewing approach – Text Times Three
• Viewing key episodes and activities
• Assessment – Episode Proposal Portfolio
• Cognitive verb – create
• Scriptwriting Conventions – with exemplar
• Storyboarding sample – with template

Unit duration: 18+ lessons (including assessment)

Curriculum Links:

The Teacher Pack can be linked to the following areas within the Australian National Curriculum:

• English (Years 7-9)
• Media Studies

In addition, the Teacher Pack relates to the following General Capabilities within the Australian National Curriculum:

• Critical and Creative Thinking
• Personal and Social Capability
• Literacy

Each episode runs for seven minutes and has an official rating as G. Please check your country's classification for this film prior to use with students.


• Digital/editable/printable files delivered in a single zip file (2 x pdf, 1 x doc, 1 x pptx)
• Professionally designed by an experienced educator
• Highly visual and engaging
• Suited to all learners
• Crisp, clean layouts
• A range of whole class, group work and individual learning resources

Please note:
Bluey episodes can be accessed in a variety of free and paid options: ABC TV (ABC Kids), Disney Junior, Disney +, Enhance TV (for subscribing schools). Access to the episodes/series is not included in these resources.


• $39 for an individual licence (with use strictly limited to the individual purchaser – i.e one teacher/one class)
• $179 for a whole school licence (life-time – unlimited use allowed for all teachers/all classes at purchasing educational institution)

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