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Why do teachers need to know about Child Development?

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What are a teacher's personal, social and emotional responsibilities in supporting child development?

Going beyond simply recognising child development as the cornerstone of education and drawing on examples from rural early years settings to large urban secondary schools, this book looks at what child development means in practice and how it relates to different aspects of teaching. Covering relationships, environment, subject knowledge and more, this book develops the readers understanding of education and child development, as a professional and day-to-day in the classroom.

Expertly crafted by Daryl Maisey and Verity Campbell-Barr, drawing on the expertise of practitioners and academics, this book draws together the latest research and current practice. Reflexive questions encourage the reader to explore their knowledge and expectations, helping them to develop as a practitioner.

Editors are:

  • Daryl Maisey is Associate Professor in the Department of Education at Kingston University, UK.
  • Verity Campbell-Barr is Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) at the University of Plymouth, UK.

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