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Resources for Teaching Mathematics: 14-16

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This book contains seventy ready-to-use mathematics lessons suitable for students aged fourteen to sixteen. Some lessons offer alternative routes through the curriculum, such as practising indices by solving radical equations, while others concentrate on difficult ideas, like appreciating that not all mathematical relationships are linear. Each plan consists of a teacher's sheet, providing:

  • the aims and objectives of the lesson
  • a lesson starter, main phase, plenary and homework ideas, each with suggested timeframes
  • guidance on how to adapt the activities to cater for students working at different levels; and
  • online resources, including links to useful websites, material to display on the whiteboard and additional ideas.

Each plan also includes a photocopiable or downloadable student task sheet that corresponds to the teacher's sheet. The lessons focus on problem solving and putting mathematics into context, and are an essential resource for any busy teacher of mathematics.

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