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Resources for Teaching French: 14-16

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It's hard enough for teachers to fit all their marking, extra-curricular duties and training into their lives, let alone finding time to think up exciting new ways of delivering their subject to a mixed-ability class. Resources for Teaching French: 14–16 provides complete, curriculum-friendly lesson plans for busy secondary school teachers. This resource comprises an assortment of eighty lesson plans designed to motivate and inspire students. Each plan consists of a teacher's sheet including:

  • the aims and objectives of the lesson,
  • the materials required,
  • a lesson starter, main lesson plan and plenary, each with suggested timeframes to help teachers keep inside the parameters of the lesson,
  • homework ideas, and
  • further reading and useful websites.

Each plan also includes a photocopiable, or downloadable student worksheet that corresponds to the teacher's lesson plan. Audio files for the listening exercises, and all the worksheets are available online.

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