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Jack the Super Prawn: Drastic Plastic

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Jack the Super Prawn lives in the Barrier Reef and uses his powers to protect the environment. With JackVac, he cleans up rubbish and impurities in seawater. With JackCopter, he soars high into the air, where you wouldn't normally see a prawn. Of course powers like that help Jack find and clear up waste plastic. But Jack's main jobs are to entertain young readers, and to introduce new generations to the importance of caring about the ocean environment.

In Drastic Plastic, Jack hears a scream and realises a baby dolphin is tangled in a plastic fishing net. Will Jack the Super Prawn save the baby dolphin in time?

Suitable for readers aged five years and older, Jack the Super Prawn delivers a four part message:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Find alternative to plastic


Jack the Super Prawn is the ocean hero at the centre of a series of children's books about plastic pollution. These illustrated full-colour, 24-page books are endorsed by ANSTO (Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) – one of Australia's leading scientific authorities and science educators.

The development of these stories was supported by ANSTO's scientific and environmental research on the impact of pollution on waterways and the marine environment.

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