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Macbeth (Insight Shakespeare Plays) - Second edition

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Insight Shakespeare Plays – Macbeth (Second edition) is a comprehensive and informative guide for students and teachers. This all-in-one resource contains the entire play, plus analysis of key themes, historical context and concepts such as witchcraft, as well as a breakdown of vocabulary and language techniques. Group tasks and individual exercises stimulate discussion and encourage students to really engage with the play. Teachers are able to tailor their lessons to their student's interests and abilities, whilst addressing key elements of the Australian Curriculum for English.


  • The complete text of Shakespeare's Macbeth
  • Explanations of Shakespearean language, covering blank verse, rhythm and rhyme, as well as techniques and devices such as puns, soliloquies, dramatic irony and imagery
  • History sections such as 'King James and popular beliefs about witches' and 'Equivocation and the Gunpowder Plot', making the play's context relevant and engaging
  • 'Press Play' questions that incorporate the Polanski (1971) and Wright (2006) film versions of Macbeth into a study of the play


  • A complete resource for teaching the play, facilitating a successful and enjoyable experience with your students and Shakespeare!
  • Numerous individual and group activities, extension exercises and discussion questions on each scene for teachers to choose from according to their students' interests and abilities


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