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Environmental History of Australia, An: From Deep Time to Today (Volume 1)

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An Environmental History of Australia: From Deep Time to Today (Volume 1) is a book designed to help students in Years 10–12 explore the interactions between humans and their environments in Australia.

Volume one covers Australia from Deep Time to 1901 looking at the contrast between Aboriginal attitudes to and management of the environment, with those of the Europeans after 1788.

Contents (Volume 1):

  1. The origins of Australia
  2. Aboriginal Australia
  3. Establishing a Europeanised Australia
  4. Golden Fleece or Wooly Plague?
  5. Gold and Sludge
  6. Expanding Colonial Land Use
  7. Creating the Urban Environment
  8. Australians and the Environment by 1901
  9. People and Environment 1787 and 1901 – Change and Continuity, Cause and Effect


  • Written to suit the new VCE Australian History units 3 and 4: From Custodianship to the Anthropocene
  • A clear factual narrative
  • Key document extracts
  • Colour images
  • Maps and graphs
  • Tables
  • Discussion of existing resources
  • Analysis of varying perspectives, attitudes, values and ideas
  • Resource lists
  • Complementary website of teaching strategies and updates
  • Up-to-date knowledge

Please note: This product is 1 x A4 booklet of ~180 pages.

Volume two (to be released in early 2022) will cover from 1901 to today, with a focus on the development of environmental awareness, changing attitudes and movements for change.


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