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MasterClass in History Education: Transforming Teaching and Learning

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MasterClass in History Education draws on international research and practice to present effective and engaging approaches for history teachers who want to explore the ways in which reading, research and reflection can support the development of history teaching and learning in the classroom.

At the heart of the book is a series of professional enquiries carried out by experienced history teachers working in a range of contexts. Each history teacher addresses clear questions arising from their practice and together they illustrate various approaches to data collection, data analysis and argument. These history teachers also show how they drew on diverse scholarship in history and history education, including many publications by other history teachers. In eight further chapters, other experts ranging from practitioner-scholars to researchers in diverse fields (such as history, history education, teacher education, teacher research and curriculum theory) reflect on the distinctive insights that these teachers offer and explore connections with their own fields.

The combination of perspectives and the depth of knowledge of the varied contributors reveal the importance of different kinds of relationship between 'theory' and 'practice'. The links between classroom realities and research and the critical use of different kinds of text, will support history teachers in developing their practice and professional voice.

'An indispensable volume for anyone who wants to stay abreast of cutting-edge research in how we learn, teach, and ultimately come to understand the past.'
– Sam Wineburg, Margaret Jacks Professor of Education, Stanford University, USA

'Bridging the gap between academic research and practicing history teachers, this book offers a fascinating collection of teacher research reviewed and reflected upon from a number of perspectives from academia. The teacher research deals with familiar themes like causation, change and evidence, but also offers some refreshing new insights into teaching substantive concepts, big history frameworks, significance of localities and diversity – topics not often dealt with in the usual research on teaching history. The approach the editors have taken in composing this book is truly novel and results in compelling reading for anyone interested in history education at the level of school practice, teacher training or academic research.'
– Arie Wilschut, Professor of Social Studies Education, Faculty of Education, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

'This accessible and enjoyable collection serves as an excellent summary of the lively field of research in history education; a spur and inspiration for future practitioner research, and an invaluable guide to some of the issues which history teachers encounter on a day to day basis. Highly recommended for those entering into further study in education, heads of history departments looking for inspiration, and all classroom practitioners keen to be engaged in the ongoing discussion about history education in British schools. An invaluable companion.'
– Alex Ford, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Childhood and Education, Leeds Trinity University, UK

'An extraordinarily rich contribution to current debates about history teaching and about teachers' use of research to inform and enhance their practice. The diversity of ideas considered here, and the quality of teaching, writing and research engagement which informs each chapter, makes this a vital addition to any conscientious history teacher's reading list.'
– John David Blake, History Consultant and Leading Practitioner, Harris Federation, UK

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