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Greek Tragedy: Themes and Contexts

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This book offers a much-needed up-to-date introduction to Greek tragedy and covers the most important thematic topics studied at school or university level. After a brief analysis of the genre and main figures, it focuses on the broader questions of what defines tragedy, what its particular preoccupations are, and what makes these texts so widely studied and performed more than 2000 years after they were written. As such, the book will be of interest to students taking broad courses on Greek tragedy, while also being suitable for the general reader who wants an overview of the subject.

All passages of tragedy discussed are translated by the author and supplementary information includes a chronology of all the surviving tragedies, a glossary and guidance on further reading.

'Judicious, well-informed, clear: a model introduction to the vigour and variety of ancient Greek tragedy.'
– Oliver Taplin, Professor Emeritus of Classics, Oxford University, UK

'What is "tragic", and what indeed is Greek, about Greek tragedy? The plays were staged at a great popular festival, and cannot have been just highbrow. Laura Swift brilliantly and lucidly brings out how tragedy combines such accessibility with "tackling the hard qualities in human life" in ways that are still important and thought provoking today.'
– Christopher Pelling, Emeritus Regius Professor of Greek, Oxford University, UK

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