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100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Supporting EAL Learners

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From EAL experts Chris Pim and Catharine Driver come 100 ideas for providing secondary teachers with strategies and activities to support the induction, assessment and learning of students with English as an additional language (EAL) in tutor time, in specific subjects and at whole-school level.

It can be a challenge for teachers to plan lessons, implement strategies and create effective resources for EAL students when there is so much pressure to deliver engaging and innovative lessons that both adhere to demands of the curriculum and get the necessary results. This book provides practical plans for giving EAL learners general support, but also includes ideas linked to specific subjects, especially key problem areas such as mathematics and science, to help EAL learners get the most out of lessons.

100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Supporting EAL Learners is a treasure trove of adaptable ideas to use for students who are new to English, beginners and advanced learners of EAL.

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