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Teaching Scriptwriting, Screenplays and Storyboards for Film and TV Production

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This practical guide provides everything you need to introduce scriptwriting to your students, and establishes the basis for a high standard of coursework for Film or Media Studies. The guide demonstrates how scriptwriting, screenplays and storyboarding can be valuable both in the production context and as a way of engaging with key aspects of the media or film studies curriculum, with accessible reference to key critical and theoretical writing.

Contents include:
Introduction: Assessment context; Why teach screenwriting and storyboards; How to use this guide; Schemes of work; Teaching tips.
Essential terms and concepts: Terminology; Screenplay format; Three Act Story Structure.
Screenplay basics: Story structure; Story types; Character; Dialogue
Storyboard basics: Format; Shot types; Sequencing.
Planning a project: Planning, Categorising and structuring a story; Developing a treatment and pitch; Sequencing a script and designing storyboard.

Mark Readman is a Programme Manager in Media Production at Bridgwater College. He has more than ten years' experience in media education, has moderated A level Media Studies production work at senior level and is currently an Assessor for for one of the English awarding bodies.

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