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Aphra Behn: The Rover - Revised Edition

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New Mermaids is a series of over sixty modernised and fully annotated classic plays, with an active program of new editions. New Mermaids are edited and updated by experienced teachers who are internationally recognised as authorities in their field. They are ideal for, and accessible to, actors, theatre-goers and students and are printed in a clear, easy-to-use format, with annotations below the text and a comprehensive introduction. 

Carnival time in The Rover is a period when prohibitions are temporarily removed, privileges and rank suspended, and women – from convent girls to courtesans – take the initiative. Featuring multiple plot lines, which deal with the adventures of a group of lovestruck Englishmen in Naples, Aphra Behn's play explores issues of love, trickery and deception, forced marriage, male power, fidelity and the excesses of sexual passion. Hers is a male-dominated society, but one with a clear-sighted portrayal of the female predicament.

The play is widely taught on A level courses as well as on undergraduate literature and women's writing courses. This new edition contains a completely new introduction, and takes into account important criticism from the past decade, as well as a new understanding of the nature of theatre in Behn's time and the significance of her contribution to English drama.

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