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100 Modern Soundtracks

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Philip Brophy's BFI Screen Guide provides a soundmap to a hundred films that engage the ears. Covering titles as diverse as Car Wash and Apocalypse Now, Le Samourai and Stalker, Shaft and Citizen Kane, each entry outlines the film's distinctive contribution to the hitherto underexplored world of sound in cinema. The author guides the reader through an alternative cinema canon of the 'ear' of sonically exciting and remarkable films from all across the world and their amazing diversity of purpose and effect.

This guide shows how most critics completely underestimate the significance of sound and how it is caught between the two irreconcilable forces of the 'sound track' and sound design. In his introduction and analysis (or more accurately 'hearing') of 100 films, the author compels the reader to 'listen not look' and to 'think with their ears'. 100 Modern Soundtracks is a provocative and absorbing guide to some of the most exciting uses of sound in popular and international cinema.

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